Katie Nicoll – Independent Producer

An independent events producer who has worked across many art forms –  visual arts, film, site-specific environmental animations and permanent public art projects. Worked on some of NVA Organisation’s major projects (NVA is an environmental arts charity based in Glasgow. Founded by Angus Farquhar in 1992, the company has built a powerful reputation through the delivery of temporary and permanent artworks across Europe) The Hidden Gardens, Glasgow 2003 link

Radiance, Festival of Light, 2005 radiance

Jardins Publics, 2007 link

Three Blows, 2008 link

current interests – Northeast cluster – finding links to personal projects

The Hidden Garden, Tramway – the idea was to reclaim the brown site behind the Tramway. Working with landscape architects and City Design Coop. Considerations lead to gardens in culture, the paradise garden – Celtic and Asian culture reflective of the community. The Asian community never used the Tramway space – how can this be changed? Discussions with the community lead to the idea of being safe in a garden yet with a sense of adventure. The garden contained discreet references to the community cultures, connections with the planting and relevance to its occupants.

Radiance, Festival of Light – Glasgow’s lighting strategy reclaiming the city with light

Projects described as being about public and private, social space rather than natural space. Working towards striping back and being exposed, working in a pure form, participatory, not knowing it works or its outcome. When being placed in the public realm it has to be experienced.

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